Recruiting qualified candidates :
Today's competitive labor market is more challenging than ever. With unemployment at its lowest level in decades, companies are struggling to attract top talent from a dwindling pool of applicants. The time and energy corporate Human Resource professionals must devote to recruiting has increased significantly. By attending HRM Canada's Career Events, you will find unparalleled recruiting value.

Benefits of Attending:
At HRM Career Events you pay one set fee regardless of the number of candidates you eventually hire, substantially lowering your cost-per-hire. The large number of companies participating increases the drawing power of the event, benefiting all participants. You benefit from a large advertising campaign that will draw hundreds of qualified candidates, this will provide you with valuable feed back on the market.

Time Efficiency :
A skill specific Career Event eliminates unqualified or vague resumes, screening and eventual mismatches. Weeks of recruiting are condensed into days. Very little effort is required on your part.  Make one phone call or e-mail us, we’ll do the rest: 

  • Tailor an event to your specific recruiting needs and budget.

  • Develop a multimedia advertising campaign targeting the candidates you require.

  • Identify and invite passive candidates who meet your exact open position criteria.

  • Organize the face to face candidate meeting.

  • Secure event location, decorating and catering if required.

To find out more e-mail:

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